June 22, 2017

First Vega C launch contract will carry satellite constellation

On 20th June at the international Paris air show, Airbus Defence & Space and Arianespace announced the signing of a launch contract for next-generation very-high-resolution optical observation satellites.
Launches will take place from mid-2020 at the Guyana space centre (CSG), using 2 Vega C launchers. This version of the light European vehicle has an increased payload capacity and should make its maiden flight in 2018.
The new constellation of Airbus Defence & Space satellites will provide images of every point around the globe, several times a day, in order to keep a close watch on our ever-changing planet.
With this new contract, Vega and Vega C are emerging as comprehensive launch solutions to fulfil current and future demands on the Earth observation satellite market.

Artist’s impression of the Vega C launcher © ESA / Jacky Huart, 2015